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All Natural Pet Care Customer Support: CustomerSupport{at} *

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If you offer natural pet care products that you would like to submit for review and possible affiliation agreement, please send an e-mail to: Products{at} **

Wholesale suppliers of natural pet care products and human-grade raw ingredients who are able to legally ship into Canada in compliance with all Canadian standards, may contact us at: Suppliers{at} **

Thank you for your interest in All Natural Pet Care. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

* We are not able to advise individual pet owners in regards to the care of their pets. We do not feel it is responsible to do so without seeing and knowing the pet in question. Please research and act accordingly, and/or discuss your concerns with your Veterinarian. This website is intended for reference only and any actions you take (including product useage) are at your own risk.

** We reserve the right to refuse any products that do not meet our premium standards for both quality and ethical representation of said product. Please note that our ethics are not for sale - no exceptions.

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