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All Natural Pet Care is based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. A lifetime love and appreciation of companion animals & wildlife compels us to advocate on their behalf and initiate change.

Through extensive research, studies and trials, we found facts that proved how misled consumers sometimes are by the processed pet food industry in general. Pets have been surviving on some of these products but they haven't been thriving. In many cases, they've been suffering. We are excited about many new products and food formulations as companies improve, and the fact that educated consumers have inspired many of these changes. Unfortunately, many individuals are also misleading pet parents with fear tactics and the exploitation of their love and concern. There is a great need for reliable sources of information.

Today's world has also resulted in health conditions assaulting cats, dogs, fish and small animals, which are treated with harsh medications. Holistic, natural remedies and pure, whole foods can often more gently and effectively address these torturous maladies, or work with conventional medicine for better results. The ultimate goal is prevention with educated choices, knowledge of breed-specific weaknesses, prenatal pet care, responsible breeding practices and boosting our pet's natural immunity.

Since day one, we have been determined to use our knowledge of pet health, immunity and nutrition to educate the consumer with straight, easily verifiable facts. Our mission has since expanded to include solutions for pet lovers, resulting in the launch of All Natural Pet Care. We choose to carry only a few exceptional products that we found difficult to locate ourselves. We found the natural fish food market to be so shockingly deficient that we launched our own line of natural fish food.

Because no pet product supplier or manufacturer should feel threatened by an educated consumer, we have focused on verifiable information, guidance, awareness, and natural pet care solutions. We join you in the celebration of premium health that our thriving pets enjoy from natural care. We are proud to have set a whole new level of expectations for pet lovers - we nurture it, we learn from it and we embrace it.

With great pleasure we introduce you to our constant source of inspiration - our family pets.

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