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Pure Silver Sea Salt Natural Mineral Supplement
For Pets & Aquariums (Freshwater & Marine)

Silver Sea Salt for Pets & Aquariums"Simultaneously present in the mineral, plant, and animal realms, mineral salts are responsible for the transfer of the energy running through all their substances and organisms," Ann Wigmore writes. "It has long been thought that the variety and abundance of the modern diet was enough to prevent any risk of nutrient deficiency. We now know, however, that there is no factual basis for this assumption."

Natural mineral supplements offer a critical benefit by comparison to synthetic supplements. You can take a synthetic calcium supplement and it will show up in your blood, for example, yet very little (if any) reaches the cellular level. Sea salt so closely mimics an animal's cellular environment that its nutrients are able to cross the cellular barrier to nurture and protect cells, while also ensuring their optimum function. Healthy cellular function is the very essence of a healthy body and life itself.

Our Silver Sea Salt Features:

  • Harvested and processed by hand using natural processes and certified organic.
  • Human-grade (used by gourmet chefs around the world)
  • A source of 82 natural minerals and trace elements.
  • Balances internal pH (an acidic pH facilitates disease)
  • Balances electrolytes
  • Boosts immunity
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasite
  • May be useful in treating allergies
  • Detoxifies
  • Facilitates optimum function of the digestive system
  • Increases energy
  • Improves palatability
  • Fine grind for easy mixing & fast dissolution

We have researched and tested mineral salts from around the world, seeking the ultimate combination of qualities, from a complete profile of minerals to naturally lower sodium levels. The goal was to offer the most pure, complete, bio-available, unrefined mineral supplement that is so gentle it could be used for many pets, including dogs, cats, horses and even in aquariums.

We found our holy grail in France amongst artisan paludiers who have been organically "farming" salt by hand for well over a thousand years, using a process unique to them. Atlantic seawater is channeled into the marshes at high tide where it is naturally dried in clay "ponds" and harvested by hand. Silver mineral salt not only includes minerals from the ocean, but also the minerals from the clay. Salt and clay minerals combine to make up the most complete, organic, natural, unrefined mineral supplement on the market today. The mineral content is revealed by its silver color (all pristine white sea salt has been refined, which can drastically reduce its mineral content). Used by gourmet chefs, Silver Sea Salt is certified organic and kosher in France. It contains no anti-caking agents, bleach residue, or other additives/impurities.

Note: Beware of cheaper imitation "gris" or "grey" sea salts that are industrial mined & processed. We brought in products from three suppliers before we found one that was all it claimed to be. The rejects had to be recycled as deicers.

For Pets: Silver sea salt can be lightly sprinkled on pet food or be mixed into homemade recipes. It can also be mixed into bathwater. Silver Sea Salt can be mixed into homemade salt blocks for horses. You can adjust the amount you provide according to the situation. For example, we add a couple of granules to our cat's wet food to help balance her electrolytes, as she is in the early stages of kidney disease. We recommend consultation with a veterinarian to ensure mineral salts will not negatively impact existing conditions.

For Aquariums: The use of Silver Sea Salt has revolutionized the the freshwater and marine aquarium hobby. Fish are able to absorb minerals from their environment as well as in their food. This salt is lower in sodium than aquarium salt, yet substantially more complete in its mineral profile than any sea salt on the market. It can be used as a supplement in very small amounts for a full range of benefits to either freshwater or marine animals. We have tested Silver Sea Salt in our own aquariums with noticeable improvement in the overall health, growth and activity of our fish. Combined with Bottom Bites natural fish food, we believe our fish are the best they can be...and then some! As a bonus, plants utilize the minerals too. Silver Sea Salt will not harm the aquarium's biological filter (beneficial bacteria). Unlike aquarium salt, very little of this mineral-drenched supplement is required for optimum fish health, so it doesn't tax the system of freshwater fish. We use only 1/4 tsp/20 gallons. Smaller tanks get a quick dash from a salt shaker. Since it doesn't evaporate, you will only need to replace what you take out. If you remove 20 gallons of water from a 90 gallon fish tank during a water change, you would only add 1/4 tsp of Silver Sea Salt back in. 8 ounces supplements at least 8000 gallons!

More About Pure, Unrefined Sea Salt

Bio-available minerals and trace elements are available as salts. Sea salt contains every element on the Periodic Table in perfect balance, mimicking the basic characteristics of all living things.

Andre Passebecq writes, �Seawater is a living environment that displays a remarkable mineral balance in comparison to that of the body. All of its elements occur naturally in sizes and proportions quite close to those encountered in the internal cellular environment of the body, and form a very active biological synergy."

"No cellular functions can be produced correctly if the body isn�t receiving all the minerals and trace elements the metabolism needs. . . . It so happens that all degenerative diseases originate, to one degree or another, in a severe mineral depletion of the body." states Dr. Robert Lafave, of the US Metabolic Research Center.

DNA & RNA synthesis requires trace elements to replace and form new cells. If those trace elements aren't present or balanced, the DNA molecule is unable to provide genetic information needed for it to function properly. The cell will remain, but will constantly misfire. Too many cells in this state may cause diseases, tumors, and premature aging.

The Role of Minerals in Vitamin Utilization

It may surprise people to know that vitamins cannot benefit us without minerals. Minerals enable vitamin function, synthesis, metabolism, and utilization. For example, we need colloidal zinc to synthesize vitamin E.

Minerals and Enzymes

Over 3000 enzymes have been identified as critical elements in metabolic functions, yet most people are enzyme deficient. All enzymes require colloidal minerals to function properly.

Minerals for Hormone Synthesis

The synthesis of all hormones and endocrine system regulation require minerals and trace elements. Deficiencies can have a detrimental effect on a wide range of related functions, resulting in infertility, osteoporosis, diabetes, impaired immune function, insomnia and decreased energy levels, to name just a few.

Minerals for Alkalinity

The pH of blood should be slightly alkaline for it to properly buffer acids. For example, human studies show that a pH lower than 7 inhibits optimum function of our body and extreme cases can lead to metabolic failure, which may even result in death. Low alkalinity in the tissues and blood (Acidosis) has been linked to cancer, degenerative diseases, cardiovascular issues, and premature aging.

The body will try valiantly to offset mineral deficiencies by pulling them from the body (like the bones) to a point of decalcification. If it still fails to neutralize the acids, it goes into crisis mode and can cause a wide range of conditions, including skeletal and joint conditions, muscular issues, digestive system problems, hair and skin conditions, immune system failure, allergies, headaches, gum disease, premature aging, fatigue, depression, etc.

Minerals and trace elements from salt (and Calcium Montmorillonite Clay) work to balance and regulate the body's pH. Experts believe that function may provide an explanation as to how minerals and trace elements facilitate recovery from diseases, and have profound impact on the prevention of diseases and other detrimental conditions.

The Role of Minerals in Immunity and Toxin Elimination

The thymus produces T-cells that help to immunize the body and prevent illness. The thymus increases in size in an alkaline environment and shrinks in an acidic environment.

Our body's enzymes are able to biologically transform many toxins into harmless substances. To synthesize these enzymes, our body requires trace elements. When the body is lacking in trace elements and/or suffering from acidosis, the red blood cells are only able to carry 5-10% of their normal capacity to the cells, resulting in an impaired ability to transform the toxins.

But aren't some minerals themselves toxic? This assumption has plagued nutrition and caused undue concern to a point that people began to avoid trace elements like iodine, mercury, arsenic, aluminum. Non-organic minerals can easily reach toxic levels. However, colloidal minerals of the same name are not toxic, but instead beneficial. Trace metals in colloidal form do not accumulate in the body the same way the non-organic form does, and will actually assist in the elimination of harmful non-organic metals from the body. They still shouldn't be overdosed for a number of reasons, but at the recommended dosage they cause no harm in colloidal form. Silver sea salt is naturally balanced to a point that it can be used to replace table salt.

In Conclusion

Our system is equipped with the ability to utilize colloidal minerals and trace elements as required for a range of functions, both defensive and offensive, all of which facilitate regeneration and optimum health. In an amazing and seemingly infinite process, colloidal minerals and trace elements allow the body to take what it needs at any given time and eliminate what it doesn't require. It's how all living things are built to function, if only they are given what they require to excel at it.

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