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Bottom Bites are not currently available.

Fish Shrimp Snail Homemade FoodIn this age of chemicals, additives and sporadic policing of fish food, it is imperative that we feed our aquatic pets foods that are as whole and natural as possible.

Immunition Bottom Bites are a proprietary blend, formulated based on extensive scientific research by independent experts, scientists and universities. Each and every ingredient is carefully chosen for specific benefits, balanced and combined for ultimate bio-availability and utilization. There is a special focus on natural immunity, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-parasite properties. Nothing brings out fish colors like premium health, and Bottom Bites are also packed with natural color enhancers that enhance red, yellow, blue, and everything in between. There are no short-cuts and no economizing with sacrificed quality, and no extreme temperatures to obliviate the naturally sourced nutrients as we see in manufactured pelleted & flaked fish food. What's more, fish, snails and shrimp devour this natural fish food with great enthusiasm! (Check out the testimonials below).

Natural Dehydrated Fish Shrimp & Aquatic Snail Food

A few unique features of Bottom Bites fish food:

Dehydrated at Low Temperatures - Most fish food is processed at extremely high temperatures and often the ingredients used are also over-processed. Bottom Bites avoid all mechanical processing. They are blended by hand, dehydrated at temperatures just high enough to be safe, and are even hand-broken before being being sealed in food-grade bags.

Human-Grade Seaweed & Algae - Bottom Bites contain red, green and brown species of seaweed and algae. Different seaweed/algae species excel at different functions and you won't find a more complete mix than this in any other food.

Human-Grade Calcium Montmorillonite Clay - One of the most celebrated clays in natural medicine! Reputably sourced, it is an extremely clean volcanic-origin clay that is rich in active, highly bio-available minerals (over 60). It is alkaline, with university-tested and time-proven antimicrobial properties. Parasites and their eggs are dragged out of the system with the clay before they can establish, making it a fantastic preventative and treatment [Ran Knishinsky, The Clay Cure]. It also aids in digestion and passes through the digestive system in part, providing benefits to the aquatic environment and plants. Virtually all animals, including fish, seek out healing clays instinctively in the wild.

Probiotics - Research suggests fish benefit from probiotics, just like humans and other animals. The benefits of probiotics for fish are becoming well known for a variety of conditions and holistic wellness, including immunity, digestion, vitamin synthesis, parasite control, inhibiting harmful bacteria, and disease prevention. Not only do fish enjoy the typical benefits, but they also have a demonstrated requirement for repopulation due to routine exposure to antibiotics used on some fish farms. All Bottom Bites fish food formulas contain probiotics.

Our omnivorous blends include top quality fresh, frozen and freeze-dried meat protein, providing optimum nutrient content and uncompromised protein and fatty acids. We do not use processed fish food, fishmeal or any other 'meal' in our products.

Natural Dehydrated Fish Shrimp & Aquatic Snail DietsBottom Bites fish food also contains 12 super-vegetables, and we add just enough super-fruits to provide the benefits they offer without polluting the environment. They are further fortified with human-grade, natural Vitamins and Minerals, along with immunity-building herbs. If it's available in organic and/or human-grade, that's what we use.

These premium ingredients are brought together with natural vegetable binders (no empty fillers!) and then low-temp dehydrated in an industrial dehydrator to maintain optimum nutrition levels while ensuring safety. Only a combo of natural preservatives are used, keeping everyone safe while offering benefits of their own - there are no chemicals added.

With all of these things considered, we are confident that this natural fish food offers unsurpassed, premium nutrition. However, we always encourage you to familiarize yourself with the nutrient requirements of your particular species and supplement accordingly. There is really no such thing as a 'staple food', even in species group formulations - optimum balance for the specific species should always be the goal.

Bottom Bites are a low-temp dehydrated fish/invertebrate food that is highly concentrated and packed with premium, naturally-sourced nutrition - feed sparingly. When feeding Bottom Bites fish food to your tropical fish, crustaceans, reptiles or invertebrates, keep in mind that three ounces of this food equals almost a pound of fully reconstituted food - a nickel-size piece will feed a lot of aquatic pets. All varieties of Bottom Bites are thin, sinking, stable in water, and may be crushed for small fish or those reluctant to bottom-feed.

Please note: For optimum freshness, Bottom Bites are not stored for prolonged periods before being shipped to you. Therefore, there may be a delay of up to 48 hours before shipping. To further preserve vitamin content, please keep Bottom Bites (and all fish food) frozen in an air-tight container. Not for human consumption. All sales are final, we are unable to accept returns.

Bottom Bites Natural Fish, Shrimp & Snail Food

Bottom Bites Aquatic Pet Food

Dehydrated Foods = Approximately 5 times their weight

Bottom Bites for Omnivores:

Ingredients: Canadian krill, shrimp mix, salmon, 12 super-vegetable blend, baby clams, sardines, earthworms, 9 seaweed/algae species blend (brown, red & green seaweed/algae), daphnia, white fish, 6 super-fruit blend, phytoplankton, cultured (sanitized) tubifex, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, chlorella, therapeutic herbal blend, garlic, calcium montmorillonite clay, rose hip, acai fruit extract, Myrciaria dubia (Camu Camu) extract, palm leaf & fruit extract (Tocomin), marigold extract, sea mussel extract, sea cucumber extract, wild fish oils, natural vitamins and minerals, probiotics, mixed natural preservatives. Vegetable-based binders (no fillers).

Immunition Bottom Bites for Herbivores

This premium vegetable, seaweed and fruit based food for herbivorous fish, invertebrates, reptiles, etc., has been formulated by popular demand. It's basically a vegetarian version of our omnivorous recipe. The blend is focused on supplying vegetable protein, vitamins and minerals through immunity-enhancing and naturally anti-microbial ingredients.

Herbivorous Blend:

Ingredients: 12 super-vegetable blend, seaweed/algae species blend (brown, red & green seaweed/algae), 6 super-fruit blend, phytoplankton, chlorella, therapeutic herbal blend, garlic, calcium montmorillonite clay, rose hip, acai fruit extract, Myrciaria dubia (Camu Camu) extract, palm leaf & fruit extract (Tocomin), marigold extract, natural vitamins and minerals, probiotics, mixed natural preservatives. Vegetable-based binders (no fillers).

Buggy Bottom Bites for Omni-Insectivores

Rainbowfish, Tetras, Killifish, Livebearers, Betta, Gourami, Cichlids... the vast majority of fish eat insects, larvae, eggs, worms and small crustaceans in the wild, yet no food on the market focuses on these ingredients. The unique nutrient profiles of these ingredients suggest that their absence could leave the diet seriously lacking in essential nutrients. To address this nutritional gap, we've researched, balanced and formulated a unique, premium blend for omni-insectivores. Omni-insectivores (such as Rainbows) eat a large amount of the aforementioned creatures, along with some vegetation. For more information: The Natural Diet of Omni-Insectivorous Aquarium Fish

Ingredients: Shrimp mix, Canadian krill, daphnia, mealworms, earthworms, crickets, cultured (sanitized) tubifex, rotifiers, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs, 12 super-vegetable blend, seaweed/algae species blend (brown, red & green seaweed/algae), 6 super-fruit blend, phytoplankton, therapeutic herbal blend, garlic, calcium montmorillonite clay, rose hip, Bee Propolis, acai fruit extract, Myrciaria dubia (Camu Camu) extract, palm leaf & fruit extract (Tocomin), marigold extract, natural vitamins and minerals, probiotics, mixed natural preservatives. Vegetable-based binders (no fillers).

A few testimonials...Natural Shrimp Fish Snail Food

I just received your Bottom bites last night and fed for the first time. The loaches and plecos went wild over it and then the guppies found it too. The little piece I threw in disappeared pretty quickly (you'd think I never feed them ) and once the fishies realized there was no more, a frantic search all over the tank ensued. You should have seen them zig zagging all over the tank, trying to find more. Yes, I did give them more. Thank you again! ~ Margaret Dent of Margaret Dent Fine Art, Ontario

I decided to try them out tonight on a few tanks. Just a little piece in a couple of tanks. I've never seen such a ruckus before in all my fishkeeping years. It was like sliding a big box of Twinkies into the middle of a Jenny Craig convention! Fights were breaking out, fish were body slamming each other, little fish were ganging up on the bigger fish. Are you sure you haven't included a little fish crack into that stuff? Whatever is in it, the fish seem to like it, more than a little bit! On behalf of my fish, thanks. ~ Blaine Popp, Alberta

Natural Homemade Applesnail FoodWhat the &$!*% do you put in this stuff!!! Every snail in the tank was on it in seconds!!! ~ Peggy Dinsmore of Northern Snails, Saskatchewan

An update for Melody: I first was wowed by the ingredients, then wowed by the feeding frenzy, now I'm wowed by how incredibly healthy and colorful my fish & shrimp are. No other fish food comes close. ~ Jatinder Atwal, West Linn, Oregon

MY MOST FAVE food to Melody's snail SNAX!!!!! (Ed. 'Bottom Bites') ...All my fishes eat them and the snails and shrimps! ~ Patrick Tamkee, British Columbia

My betta loves the Bottom Bites, but often seems disappointed that he needs to share it with the snails! The betta was wrapped around the brig snail (who wasn't sharing) trying to get some that the brig was sitting on - very funny. ~ Laura Bergen, Ontario

Natural Homemade Goldfish FoodPlease meet Wee Beastie..Upon putting a piece of Bottom Bites in the tank enough for a snack for 7 goldfish Wee Beastie decided to swim around with it only dropping it now and again to bite whoever was trying to get some of 'HER' bottom bites. For a while there I thought it was going to have to be surgically removed. ~ Kathleen Galagher, Ontario

Thanks for the extra ounce of Bottom Bites to celebrate my 10TH order. My fish, apple snails, amano shrimp and crayfish love them and I swear my plants are growing better too!!! ~ Pierrette Garcia, Florida

Hi Melody with a Y lololol, YOU MUST GET THESE IN TO STORES! The quality would put everybody else out of business and fish LOVE them! ~ Melodie Anderson, Washington

Natural Homemade Catfish FoodIt's cory 'football' when Bottom Bites hit the water. The pieces are pushed and nibbled and pursued around the playing feild until it wedges into rock crevices and such... the corys plow through the sand - up to their eyes with sand flying out from their gills - snorkeling for treasure. The SAEs and little chain loaches hover and dart over the corys, taking their share. Food gets buried and uncovered and buried again until nothing remains but a bunch of fat cats lazing on the sand, staring out at life with just the occasional blink... Sometimes being a fish can be good. ~ Storm Vos-Browning of Stormiidae, British Columbia

I have 9+ snails right now swarming the food bowl. Can any one say Bottom Bites? Then in the little tank, yeah all snails (2 small Apples, 3 large ramshorns and several baby's and a few physa's...) they are all in the food bowl in the Zen Den munching on Bottom Bites. ~ 'Jeradatar', (forum) Alberta


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Disclaimer: Statements on this website may not have been evaluated by the FDA, Health Canada nor any other government regulator. The information and products provided by are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, nor prevent any disease and are intended for educational purposes only. Please research and consult a veterinarian before treating any condition/illness or making dietary changes. The owners/operators of All Natural Pet Care will not be liable in the event of incidental or consequential damages or loss in connection with, or arising out of, the furnishing, performance, or use of the instructions, suggestions or products on this website.

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