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Natural Fish Food, Supplements and Aquarium Supplies

Our natural, holistic aquarium & fish products are sourced in North America and are chemical-free. The super-premium Immunition Bottom Bites contain scientifically proven ingredients found in no other fish food in the world. Fish food blends, ingredients and supplements are human grade and organic when available, and of the highest quality on the market. All of our fish food products are gently processed, resulting in a highly bioavailable, natural source of nutrients for spawning, growth, optimum health and immunity.

Flat rate shipping: $18 anywhere in North America, any size order (some restrictions apply).

Natural, Low Processed Fish Food & Supplements

Immunition Bottom Bites Super-Premium, Natural Fish Food

Low-heat dehydrated in five unique blends: Omnivore, Herbivore, Herbivore with Herbs & Garlic, Insectivore and Woody Waters.

Immunition Krill Krumbles

Fine-grind, freeze-dried krill for small fish, fry & homemade fish food

Immunition Flaked Seaweed

Five species blend of Red, Brown & Green Seaweed

Immunition Powdered Seaweed

Seven species blend of Red, Brown & Green Seaweed + Algae for fry, small fish, homemade fish food or gut-loading live food.

Immunition Healthy Growth Blend Fry Food

Finely-ground whole foods for baby omnivores and herbivores or add to homemade fish food.

Human-Grade Calcium Montmorillonite Clay

Therapeutic, anti-parasite, natural mineral supplement for homemade Fish Food. May also be added to aquarium water as a treatment or plant supplement.

Natural Aquarium Environmental Enhancement & Accessories

Premium Crushed Oyster Shell (Feed Grade)

Increases pH, KH & Environmental Minerals (GH)

Holistic Pet Food Ingredients

Indian Almond Leaf (T. catappa) Extract Bags

Therapeutic, medicinal & decreases pH

Silver Sea Salt

Organic, unrefined mineral supplement for aquariums, with anti-toxin, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-parasite properties. Lowest sodium content and a more complete mineral profile than other sea salt. Balances pH and electrolytes, optimizes digestion, and also feeds aquatic plants.

Aquatic-Theme Baking Supplies

Cookie Cutters, Cello Bags, Baking Cups

Fish club functions, gifts or income opportunity!

Holistic Pet Food

Free DIY Guide to Formulating
Homemade Fish (and other wet pet) Food

Holistic Pet Food

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